Plant Health Guarantee

We source our plants from experienced and reputable nurseries that guarantee 100% disease and pest free material. We examine every arrangement before it leaves the store to assure it is healthy and ready for its new home. All plant arrangements come with easy care instructions so that you are familiar with the needs of the plant when it arrives. We offer a plant health guarantee for any possible issues with insects, pests and diseases for 7 days.

Please note that problems arising from overwatering, under-watering, exposure to extreme temperatures, lighting excess (direct sunlight) or deficiency (not enough light), and other man–made actions that are beyond our control are not covered under the guarantee and are the responsibility of the new owner upon receipt of the plant

If you notice any issues with the plant, refer to the Care section of our website where you will find FAQ and other useful tips. If after reviewing information online, you still have issues, please contact us through the website so we can determine cause and suggest possible solutions. We may request that the product be brought to one of our galleries for evaluation. For large floor plants and other arrangements that cannot be brought into the store, customer is required to send an email with photos of the arrangement/s. A diagnosis of the problem will be made to determine cause by one of our trained plant experts. If cause is determined to be attributable to man-made actions beyond our control, customer will be fully responsible and guarantee will not apply. Any issues with the plants after the initial guarantee period are not covered and are responsibility of the new owner.

Returns & Exchanges

All sales are final. Returns or exchanges are not permitted once confirmed and paid for by client. Plants (like other living things) are sensitive to the touch, water, temperature, light and other external conditions which we have no control of once they are picked up or delivered to the customer. Refunds are not provided under any circumstance.

Order Pick-Up

All arrangements and plants ordered in person, over the phone or via web for pick up need to be taken from the store when ready. We will contact you via your preferred method of contact when your order is ready. We will hold the arrangements for a maximum time of 2 weeks. Plants and arrangements left at the store after the two weeks period will be considered abandoned and will be donated to charity.

Delivery & Installation

We provide delivery service in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties through our own delivery personnel. Order must be received, paid and processed by that time to be able to be considered for scheduling. 

To schedule a delivery, we require the recipient’s name, delivery address, telephone number, the purchaser’s contact information. We also require specific instructions on what to do if no one is home/office to receive the delivery. Delivery rates are determined based on the type of item ordered, quantity ordered, and overall delivery distance. Customers can select preferred delivery date when placing an order and we will do our best effort (not guaranteed) to accommodate. Exact delivery hours cannot be requested. Delivery date will be confirmed one day in advance of actual delivery date via preferred method of contact. 

Our drivers do not call clients prior to delivery so it is responsibility of client to make sure someone will be in delivery address in the time slot provided. As a courtesy, our drivers can bring the arrangement inside the home/office and place it in the client’s desired location. However, driver cannot move arrangement to more than one location inside the home/office without manager’s approval. Extra time to move arrangements inside the house are billed at increments of 15 minutes ($20 each). All products are deemed accepted upon delivery of the product to customer or designated recipient’s address. Once an item has been delivered it immediately becomes responsibility of the new owner.

 Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the following situations that may arise in the delivery process:

  • Items delivered to incorrect addresses supplied by the sender.
  • Unsuccessful deliveries arising from the recipient not being present at the allocated time of delivery at the address supplied by the sender.
  • Product quality problems caused by delayed delivery or improper handling by the recipient.

 In case a delivery cannot be received by the recipient at the designated day and time slot, driver will follow instructions provided by the client (leave at door, concierge, etc). If that information is not available or option is not possible, the rescheduling of the delivery will be necessary and will incur an extra delivery fee.