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A New Form of Art Just Bloomed

Elevate Your Space With Life-Like Luxury That Will Last A Lifetime

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Interior Art for The Botanically Minded

Forever Florals

Premium artificial blossoms are artfully arranged for life-like appearance and movement.

Customizable Base

Sleek planters are available in 4 muted colors.

Instantly and Effortlessly Elevate Your Space

Our orchid arrangements brings the natural beauty of spring into any environment, elevating your space with the lightness and brightness of a real plant, and none of the upkeep.

All-in-One Delivery and Setup

Your orchid arrives in its pot, fully assembled. We’ve cut out the hassle of buying soil, ordering a separate pot, and setting up the plant. All you have to do is open the box and enjoy!

Versatile, Durable Elegance

Every space deserves a touch of luxury. Safe for pets and children, the iconic orchid arrangement brings low-maintenance beauty to even the most well-loved rooms.

Lush Blossoms, All Year Round

Most plant arrangements shed dirt, dead petals, and pollen. That’s why we designed an orchid with all of the beauty and none of the maintenance–no clean up or watering required.

Every room is an oasis waiting to bloom.

Meet The Only Orchids That Don’t Need a Green Thumb

It just feels expensive!

I love that I don't need a green thumb for these babies! Highly recommend Matt The Plant Guy!

Matthew’s artistic wisdom and artistic ability will leave you mesmerized!

This place is truly magical. Everyone needs to come and check out all the cool things they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed 💚🌱

I would recommend this company to all professional interior designers and anyone else who would like some faux plants in your residence or commercial space

Very high quality of product and good service. We can put it inside or outside. Good product to make a huge house stand out.

White Orchid Arrangement


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14" Base

Planter Color

Gray Wash Planter

Black Wash Planter

Chocolate Brown Planter

Matte White

The Man Behind the Blossoms  

Meet Matthew Lang 

Matthew has always been inspired by the wild perfection of nature, spending his childhood creating elaborate arrangements from found and foraged flora. In 2008, Matthew turned his passion for nature and design into The Plant Guy – a botanical design center based in Hollywood, Florida.

Always thinking outside the box, Matthew and his team of botanical designers work to ensure every TPG piece is expertly handcrafted and brings life and joy into the places you live, work, and play.

Matthew’s talent and vision has led him to work with figures like Rick Ross and Pace Morby, and his work has been featured on HGTV, A&E, and more.

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